The Preparation of the Meat on Saturday Night

Two cords of oak charcoal are burned down to coals (left) and the meat is cut into 25-pound bundles (right).

Volunteers wrap the meat in two laters of muslin cloth (left) and then in one layer of burlap, which is bound with wire (right).

The wood burns down to coals(left), which are ready several hours later under a full moon (center). The firewalker, bundled up in the center, begins to rake a trough in the coals. At his signal, the bundles are dunked in water to keep them from burning, and the bundles are tossed onto the coals. The firewalker rakes coals on top of them, and the shovelers (below left) throw dirt atop the coals. At the end, children run check the pit for escaping smoke (below right). The meat cooks for eleven hours before being dug up and served.

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