7/18/16 - The website has once again been updated for 2016. This year's barbecue will take place on September 4. Looking forward to a great time!

7/5/15 - The website has been updated for the 2015 barbecue, and preparations have begun for another successful year!

6/10/14 - The website has now been updated for this year's barbecue. Links have also been added to the Parish's new website, which can be found here.

9/24/11 - Thanks to everyone who made the barbecue a success this year. The website has now been updated for next year's barbecue.

7/8/11 - The committee is gearing up for this year's barbecue. Everyone can look forward to a good time on September 4! Be sure to stop by for a fun day in Descanso.

11/11/10 - Thank you everyone for all your help. This year's barbecue was a great success and we look forward to seeing you next year!

8/02/10 - This year's Barbecue is on the way! See you on September 5th. All the pages have been updated. Be sure to check out the photo gallery for pictures of last year's barbecue (it may be a little slow loading). Everyone is invited to come to 10:00 Mass before the barbecue begins, otherwise, come at 11:00 for a fun day in Descanso!

6/17/10 - All pages updated. We're getting ready for next year! The Barbecue will be on September 5th at the usual location. Hope to see you there!

8/31/09 - New sponsors added. Check the sponsors page for more information.

8/11/09 - The Barbecue will take place on September 6th, Labor Day Sunday. The barbecue takes place on Labor Day Sunday every year.

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