About the Barbecue

This year, Our Lady of Light Parish will be holding its 79th annual barbecue on September 4, 2016. The preparation begins on Saturday night with the cooking of the meat. Two cords of oak firewood are doused with diesel fuel and set on fire at about 2:00pm. The coals are finally ready eight hours later. The meat is cut into 25-pound bundles and seasoned, before being wrapped in two layers of muslin and burlap and tied with wire. The bundles of seasoned beef are then placed directly onto the coals by masked firewalkers who shovel more coals on top before they are covered with dirt by a team of shoveling volunteers. The bundles are then left to cook for 13 hours before they are pulled up and served on Sunday. The public is welcome to attend Saturday's bonfire.

On Sunday, everything starts at 11:00. Bundles are pulled up, meals are served, the band starts to play, and all the fun begins. From the raffle to the 50/50 drawing, to the music, to the fun games, there is something here for everyone.

Come enjoy a day in the country in Descanso!

About the Barbecue
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Deep Pit Barbecue 2016